France in Turmoil: Thousands Protest RN’s Election Surge, Violence Erupts


Tensions ran high in France on Sunday night as thousands took to the streets to protest the outcome of the first round of parliamentary elections. The protests were sparked by the unexpected surge in support for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) party, which has left the pan-left bloc reeling.

In the capital city of Paris, a massive gathering of protesters filled the streets, with many more expected to join in the coming days. The New Popular Front, a coalition of left-wing parties, had earlier vowed to “resist” the result if the RN won, and these protests may be the first signs of that resistance.

As the protests escalated, a prominent landmark in Paris, the Monument to the Republic, was vandalized with graffiti by anti-right-wing protesters who scaled the statue and unfurled banners. In the city of Lyon, police clashed with protesters who set off an explosive device at a McDonald’s restaurant, while in Nantes, missiles were exchanged between protesters and police.

The protests are expected to continue, with many anticipating further violence in the coming week as the second round of elections approaches. The outcome of these elections will determine whether Le Pen’s RN party can secure a majority in the French parliament, a prospect that has left many on the left feeling anxious and outraged.

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