Fox News Poll Misleads Biden into Overconfidence, Ignoring Economic Concerns


A recent Fox News poll has stirred controversy, showing President Joe Biden with a 2-point lead over former President Donald Trump for the first time since October. The shift is attributed to an 11-point swing among independent voters, who previously favored Trump by 9 points in May.

However, this development may prove problematic for Biden, as it could reinforce his confidence in his current strategy. Some Democratic strategists believe he needs to adopt a new approach, as he has become overly reliant on presenting himself as the savior of democracy against Trump.

Despite this perceived threat, voters’ primary concern remains high prices, not the danger posed by Trump. Moreover, they remember enjoying a stronger economy under Trump. If the danger of Trump to democracy was resonating strongly, one would expect his conviction on 34 felony charges to impact polls against him. Instead, opinions on Trump seem to have hardened, with him remaining ahead in the RealClearPolitics average.

Biden’s performance in polls has been significantly worse this election cycle than it was against Trump in 2020. If the Fox News poll proves to be an outlier, but convinces Biden to stick to his current strategy, it may ultimately mislead him to the dismay of Democrats who are already skeptical of his approach.

Additionally, there is a significant reason to question Biden’s reliance on an election message centered on saving democracy. His policies suggest the opposite, that he is, in truth, a danger to democracy himself.

Hugo Gurdon
Hugo Gurdon
Editor-in-chief. Hugo is the former editor-in-chief of the Hill and previously served as an editor and reporter at the Daily Telegraph of London and the National Post of Canada. His writing has also appeared in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the Guardian.

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