Former U.S. Attorney Accuses Trump Trial Judge of Favoring Prosecution


Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy weighs in on New York v. Trump ahead of closing arguments, the judge’s handling of the case and whether Trump will be jailed if convicted.

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  7. Judge Merchan is going to create a jury instruction specifically designed to ensure a guilty verdict against president Trump. I would not be surprised if he actually tells the jury that president Trump IS guilty. Even though the prosecution has yet to elucidate exactly what law has allegedly been broken.

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  10. How dumb do judges have to be knowing that any conviction they get will be overturned on appeal because of their bias towards the prosecution. this judge is about to become the laughing stock of the united states judicial system and deservedly so.

  11. As the case collapsed, the judge's behavior became increasingly hostile to the defense. He needs to do the right thing and grant the request for a directed verdict. Redeem himself.

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