Former ICE director on Biden’s latest border ‘incentive’: ‘When is enough enough?’


Rewrite the following, keeping only the first line: Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan rips the Biden administration’s approach to border policy during an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

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  1. Biden and the whole us government is to blame they are responsible for this. But nothing will be done they are above the law the government needs to held accountable for this . We should be voting to shrink the size of the government and they need to be held accountable…

  2. Send all these migrants to every liberal Democrat college so all the liberal democratic progressive women can care for them 😊 with their liberal Democrat anti Trump ideology and values

  3. 3 1/2 years of destructive actions, or inactions prove Biden, his administration, and most democrats care more about power and greed than the United States or our citizens.

  4. There will never be enough women and children rated on a daily basis and innocent lives be taken to convince Joe Biden that the border needs to be completely closed, without a doubt, Joe Biden is the most corrupt and evil president in united states History and yet so many approve of the corruption he's doing on this country

  5. And what this disgusting president Biden do ? He continues to double down on this deliberate invasion of our nation this is dereliction of his duty to the American people and treason to the rule of law and must be held accountable for his actions ! This man is a danger to our nation !

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