Former Dem lawmaker: It will be difficult for Biden to survive this


Former Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, reacts to the fallout from President Biden’s performance at the CNN Presidential Debate and calls for him to step down on ‘Your World.’

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  1. Mumbling bumbling tumbling stumbling buffoon Biden has always been in the bunker every since his run for office now you know why. Democrats enjoy destroying their states and cities and been hell bent on destroying America.

  2. In the hypothetical scenario where Biden wins, he will be stepping down before his four years are up anyway. There is no way he has four more years in him. He didn't even have four years in him four years ago.

    So the result would largely be the same. The only difference is that if he steps down now, the voters will actually be able to vote for his replacement instead of just having it laid on them mid-term.

    So, to me him stepping down now as opposed to after his hypothetical win (not happening) is a question of honesty. Will the Democrats be honest with their constituents, or will they bamboozle them. Do they just want to win at any cost and then substitute Biden after the win, or do they want to be honest and let the voters decide who their president will be instead of a sneaky mid game substitution. But I am convinced that they all know that he would not be able to do another four years.

  3. THE WORLD LEADERS SAID OUR ECONOMY IS SO GOOD THE REST OF THE WORLD’S ECONOMY IS BALANCED NOW, WAY TO GO JOE AND THE WORLD LOVES BIDEN AS THEY SAID AFTER FRANCE HAD THEIR ELECTION, wake up America. Cool how they kicked out those as they called them “Maga Type politicians “. To save democracy!

  4. Like Trump doesn't have a lot of baggage that he's dragging behind him. Abortion rights. Jan 6th. Felony Convictions. Boat Batteries VS Sharks. And the fact that his wife HATES him and Trump HATES DOGS. Not exactly an American Icon. Why don't you look up the video of Trump and a bald eagle sometime?

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