Former Ambassador to Mexico Says Our System Is ‘Barely Functioning’


Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Earl Anthony Wayne joins ‘Cavuto Live’ to discuss the border crisis.

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  1. It was Trump and MAGA politicians who recently killed a border bill negotiated by conservative senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. Apparently, MAGA never really wanted this problem solved. Go figure.

  2. Blame trump and Republicans for turning down the best border in 50 years to do what fox fake news is doing now campaign on the border that could have been fixed to to try to win elections…So sad So sad.

  3. Dems have been trying to push through a border bill for well over a year. The right has been intentionally blocking it to make Biden look bad during an election year. For this reason I can't take any Republican serious the moment the word "border" exits their mouth. They never make any valid points. It's all trash talk and whining about how their cult leader didn't win in 2020.

  4. He blames republicans for not passing a bill for his reasons he can't close the border……….yet if it reaches a certain amount each day he has the power to shut it off……… fracking stupid do you think voters are?
    Find out in November

  5. The next president of mexico will be just as corrupt as ones in the past, so it really doesn't matter who gets elected. If he/she doesn't comply with the cartel's wishes he/she will suffer dire consequences or be killed.

  6. Funny how with all these illegal immigrants coming to "Take UR JERBS!" that US unemployment figures remain at all time lows, huh?

    Sorta seems to contradict this lying networks narrative that the economy is bad. Seems there's enough jobs for Americans AND the US companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants to maximize their profits while the GOP does NOTHING about it.

    I offer a challenge! ANYONE who disagrees with me can post a story about how a Republican went after an employer how KNOWINGLY hired illegal immigrants, I will GLADLY RETRACT MY ASSERTION WITH ABJECT APOLOGIES!

  7. It's good to have a mixture of all races in America.But it's also good to monitor who comes in and out of our country.And that requires legal means of entry and legal process.For safety and security reasons.🇺🇲🗽😁👍

  8. Nope don’t fix this problem, just send them back…they are taking our money so they can live free? Hell no..back to their home…come the right way…pay your lawyer that money you spending to the cartel… sound to me theirs lawyer is cheap in their country…why not pay them, and get you paper FIX the right way..l

  9. The United States has already been overrun by Mongoloids. The invasion already happened with Joe at the wheel. Hopefully Trump will Deport by the thousands, if not millions, everyone who illegally entered the US.

  10. The whole point of Rico trump ordering House Republicans to reject their own Border Bill is going according to plan with trying to blame Biden for doing nothing about the border.


  12. All this talk about a broken immigration system and managing processing is nonsense. All the border patrol has to do is what their mission statement ALREADY says they are supposed to do according to law…."SECURE THE BORDER AGAINST ILLEGAL ENTRY". Translated, that means STOP them from even coming across to begin with! …..Nothing is really keeping them from doing that! They are legally bound to enforce that law. But instead, all they do is sitting around complaining about the system and making excuses about how they are overwhelmed by processing and come on Fox News and rehash the same old mealy mouthed talking points with people like Cavuto who refuses to ask them flat out why Border Patrol agents won't just secure the border like they are already tasked to do.

  13. May 23rd; The Biden administration is finalizing details of a new executive action that would let the president temporarily shut the southern border to migrants if necessary, and it is in talks with Mexican leaders to get their crucial buy-in before proceeding, according to multiple officials familiar with the negotiations.

    President Joe Biden directed top aides to develop plans to stem illegal migration months ago, and they are eyeing a presidential authority in the U.S. Code known as Section 212 (f), which would let the president unilaterally “suspend the entry” of specific groups of migrants whenever the number of attempted border crossings grew too great.

  14. This is the first time since Biden took office that I have heard that Mexico is helping slow the immigration process. I DONT BELIEVE IT. I am in Texas, 15 minutes from the border and they might as well be flying them in from Mexico City every hour by the plane loads with the amount of crossings happening now! 😮

    This is an invasion!!

  15. There was a bipartisan deal that would’ve helped reduce the flow and overhaul the immigration system… but conservatives care more about their wanna-be king than they do about getting things done.

  16. THREAT: 8 Republicans Say They’ll Slow Senate Business Over Hush Money Verdict…

    GOP Lawmakers Trash Entire U.S. Justice System…

    BRAZEN: MAGA Mike Begs SCOTUS Friends For Help…

    THE QUESTION: Will Verdict Matter To Voters?…

  17. It's time for Mr. Trump's leg humpers to stop blocking the bipartisan immigration reform bill. Mr. Trump needed to preserve the border chaos as his only campaign issue, but now he'll just focus on retribution against the American justice system.

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