Fed Chair Powell: Inflation is still too high


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell holds a press conference.

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  1. "I don't care about you. I just want your vote" Donald J. Trump – Convicted felon, June 2024 Las Vegas rally. Can you believe it Trumpers, Fox News didn't even show the rally. Why wouldn't Fox News show that? Hmmmmm.

  2. Inflation/Deflation is a matter of supply vs demand. Increasing money supply to the market leads high consumer demand and shortage of labour & products. Then I guess the immediate solution is to increase labour and product supply.

  3. Don't forget! Donald Trump is now a FELON, his campaign chairman is a FELON, so is his deputy campaign manager. His personal lawyer is a FELON, chief strategist is a FELON. His national security advisor is a FELON, his foreign policy advisor is a FELON, his campaign fixer, his company CFO. They’re all FELONS. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

  4. Inflation is caused by excessive government spending. We have been spending FAR TOO MUCH on FAR TOO MANY PET DEMOCRATIC PROJECTS. They have driven the national debt to the breaking point. When it happens, which I believe it will, the Democrats intend on declaring Martial Law. It can be imposed for as long as they choose and it gives them unprecedented power and control of everything. Now, you still think this is accidental? Well, I have a big bridge in California for sale…..

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