Ex-US Attorney Skeptical of Dem Rep’s Call to Pardon Trump


Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy breaks down the appeals process following the Trump verdict and weighs in on Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips’ call to pardon Trump.

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  1. There is no political upside for democrats to pardon Trump and there is no political upside for Trump to be pardoned. If he's pardoned, he may never be able to overturn the conviction and will forever go down in history as a would-be criminal if it weren't for the grace of Biden/Hochul. Political operatives will still refer to him as a convicted felon and in many people's minds he will still be one.

  2. Yeah you can convict anyone if you're making up the law as you go. This conviction was bought and paid for and everyone sees it, Democrats will bend the law against anyone who stands in their way. Everyone should be afraid after this they think they are unstoppable. 🤔

  3. Thank you for this fascinating interview. It's interesting to hear the perspectives of a former U.S. Attorney on such complex issues. Bravo to the team for bringing to light this crucial debate around presidential pardons. Let's continue to encourage these open and constructive discussions about the future of our democracy 🗽👏.

  4. Do you all know Bill and Hillary Clinton did the same thing they convicted Trump of when they paid Fusion GPS for the Steel dossier propaganda and put it down as a legal fee to hide the fact they paid for it and all they got was a small fine for it with no court case. Makes one wonder.

  5. Democrats just want to waste time and New York taxpayers money, and they think , they are above the law. If American still doesn’t see that then America is doom for the next 4 more years. Sorry to say that but it is the true.

  6. OMG….. this fool is making me gassy…. world never changed… evil will always fail, criminals will always be held accountable…. JUST LIKE FOX>>> apparently they forgot their lesson.

  7. He is right about the documents case. It shows they are not pursuing justice, they just saw a potential way to jail a political rival. Otherwise, Joe would have pardoned him after that Hur report came out. Joe LITERALLY STOLE classified docs, and used them for a book that he got paid $8-million for…NO CHARGES. He should have pardoned Trump immediately. But Judge Cannon is down in FL exposing prosecution's misconduct on a daily basis and they are losing their minds over it lol.

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