Ex-Trump Lawyer: Conviction Will Cause ‘Historic’ Damage


Former Trump attorney Jim Trusty joins ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ to discuss the ‘national impact’ from former President Trump’s conviction in his New York criminal trial.

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  1. This is a state of New York matter NOT s Federal matter, although there are under lying matters that relate to a criminal conspiracy to interfere with a presidential election. On one hand these MAGA Republicans shout "STATES RIGHTS" when it suits them, but when it doesn't suit them they want to preach FEDERAL RIGHTS AND THE SUPREME COURT (THAT CONTAINS AT LEAST TWO INSURRECTIONIST SUPREME COURT JUSTICES).

  2. In case you've not noticed, it's only Trump's LEAST competent lawyers that go on Fox all the time. Almost as if they know their legal careers are going nowhere & they'd rather get on the punditry circuit instead…

  3. It’s been another hoax and they
    are unprincipled and so extremely dishonest. This has done major damage, and is as detrimental as the damage thats been done to our medical system where they have broken honor and trust. They are purposely breaking down each and every one of our systems.

  4. If our SCOTUS doesn't pull up their Bigboy pants and fix this wrong our Country is LOST AND GONE FOREVER !!! And we will look at SCOTUS as a CLOWN COURT no longer relevant for sh*t !!!

  5. I bet Melania Trump celebrated on Friday.
    Orange Filth was sleeping around while she nursed their baby. If these are the Christian Values our Evangelicals like then our country's religious values are in a gutter.

  6. Rico trump’s lawyers were very smart to not put Rico trump on the stand because he would’ve perjured himself within five minutes of cross examination, but putting Costello on to help the prosecution was comedy.

  7. Justice delayed is not justice! It is a glaring BLACK EYE for our legal system. If the Supreme Court has any dignity left at all, it will assert its reputation and power to ensure injustice is served not manipulated! 😠

  8. What’s interesting is how a Supreme Court Judge gets no criticism from Republicans because there’s no problem when you fly an upside down American flag in support of an Insurrection.

  9. No cameras were allowed in the courtroom . Why ? Does not the American people have the right to transparency ? Wouldn't that had been the best thing ? The cameras weren't allowed because the case stinks.

  10. No one's above the law the Democrats and MSM are spewing. OK let's see how Hunter's gun and tax charges turn out. After all they're against guns. Want stricter gun laws. Beefed up the IRS to hunt down anyone that filed false claims or evaded paying their taxes. 7:02

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