Efficient but Overwhelmed: Border Agents Face Strain from Human Smuggling Operations


Fox News’ Matt Finn provides details on human smuggling operations along the border as migrants pour into California.

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  1. If we really want to control illegal immigrants flood here, learn from Germany. Take a look the policy and the method Germany used! Cut out all the politically correct garbage! The Democrats method is a joke, it's a fake, and it never works.

  2. Regardless of Trump using Fox to up the ante on the border issue against Biden, it is so satisfying to finally hear hundreds of maga fanatics finally coming out with a grudging admiration of how Biden is handing his only surviving son's conviction.
    With a quiet unassuming sense of total trust in the American Justice System that Trump attacks, attacks and unendingly complains about.
    I've heard maga members saying begrudgingly that it is indeed refreshing how Biden is taking his only son's saga.
    Not a whine.
    Not a single complain.
    Yet, he is the president of the greatest country in the world.

  3. This human trafficking that Biden and Congress are involved in. What do you think mainstream media calls it medical supplies. IT supplies the organs the blood the t cells the adrenal Chrome. Look at how young the mainstream media people are drinking that adrenal Chrome all of Congress. And Biden has that disease that cannibals get. It mimics a syphilis in the brain. Forgetfulness stumbling babbling crapping in your pants does he show those signs ❓ then he's a cannibal

  4. Anyone that believes ANYTHING the Democrats say has a SERIOUS gullibility problem.

    It's not just the human smugglers abusing the Unites States, the NGOs and the WEF and the UN all play a part in this abuse. It starts in the home countries of these people. They all need to be defunded by the USA, and yes, that includes the UN. Why are we funding the enemy here on our soil?

  5. Of course they're coming in more than ever. Biden needs them to, so he can cheat in Novembers election. And as biden turns the cartels into multi billionaires, we have Chinese militants, and most likely terrorists coming every day, just American lives, for votes. What a guy, the big guy is.

  6. "The Jewish Family & Community Services NGO are receiving hundreds of millions dollars from the government for facilitating illegal immigration across the borders … " JJ Carrell (former US Border Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge)😮😮😮 … why is this not being reported on??

  7. Where do these people get their money. I thought they were poor. I don't have money to buy a used car and these people have $10,000 for a smuggler. Thanks Biden. Your a piece of crap and a traitor. Trump 2024. Deport them all.

  8. As the Republican Party continues its blind march towards authoritarianism, led by Trump’s MAGA and its minions, here are the warning signs that authoritarianism is threatening to replace democracy. This includes things that have happened and things to come if a Trump administration occurs.

    Signs of authoritarianism include:

    1. Rejection of democratic norms: This includes undermining or rejecting the results of fair elections, suppressing political opposition, and weakening checks and balances on power.

    2. Denial of political legitimacy to opponents: Authoritarian leaders often portray their opponents as enemies of the state or as illegitimate actors, rather than as legitimate political rivals.

    3. Suppression of dissent: Authoritarianism involves limiting freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Protests are often met with violence or legal repercussions.

    4. Increased state control over the media and information: Authoritarian regimes frequently censor the media and manipulate information to maintain their power and control the narrative.

    5. Weakening of the rule of law: Authoritarian leaders may ignore or undermine the rule of law to serve their own interests or maintain their grip on power.

    6. Promotion of nationalism and xenophobia: Authoritarian regimes often use nationalist and xenophobic rhetoric to unite their supporters and scapegoat minority groups.

    7. Concentration of power in the hands of a single leader or a small group: This can involve weakening or dismantling institutions that might challenge the leader's authority.

    8. Human rights abuses: Authoritarian regimes often engage in human rights abuses, such as arbitrary arrests, torture, and extrajudicial killings.

    9. Withdrawing from international institutions can be driven by isolationist and nationalist impulses, which are common in authoritarian regimes. These regimes often prioritize national sovereignty over international cooperation and view international institutions as a threat to their power.

    Don't let cognitive bias distort these point, they are clear and can't be ignored.

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