Dr. David Asher Claims Fauci Covered Up COVID-19 Origins, Not Caused It


The Hudson Institute senior fellow Dr. David Asher joins ‘America Reports’ to discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony on the government’s pandemic response.

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  1. Fauci was secretly researching coronavirus in China since 2004 bcuz US shut him down here bcuz it was too dangerous. He took his research to China at that time on US $$$$. . In 2017 Fauci announced to the public here in US that a virus was coming of pandemic size that would shut the world down. I saw the video myself. Bill Gates announced the same thing. Then the virus showed up in US called coronavirus in 2020 on the West Coast by a man that had been overseas. How did Fauci know about this virus 2 years prior along with Gates before it came to the USA?

  2. Fun fact; the entire continues to laugh at Maga Republicans daily in articles about a "simple-minded" electorate of conspiratorial thinkers!!👈😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  3. THX God, that that this was NOT a biological weapon! Oterwise you would have gad a scenario, like in the movie outbreak!
    Ü.S, me German, fro 20001-2009 at tahravrad, PhD, later faculty member of the Harvard Medical school, (Cell and Gentic biologist), since then back in Germany

  4. This Psychotic fake doctor should be jailed for outsourcing gain of functions research which created covid-19, and covid-19 caused a Pandemic which killed Millions of People, ruined the Lives as well as Ruin Economies. On top of that he tried to cover it up. That's another Crime.

  5. Had to get the initial shot to protect my job but did not fall for the boosters that followed. Let's face it, Democrats protected Fauci then and they're going to protect him now. Nothing changes in Bidenland unless the last name is Trump.

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