Doug Burgum: ‘It’s hard to picture Biden doing even one of Trump’s events’


Former presidential candidate Gov. Doug Burgum joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss growing speculation about former President Trump’s potential vice presidential pick.

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  1. How can it even be close; Trump's campaign is one of hope and unity and promise whereas Biden's is one of hate and fear and suspicion, that's all the Dems are ever running on they're the party of racism and division – you'd have to be insane and blind not to see it…

  2. Pedojoes cultists are BIG MAD trumps winning. Lmfao told you guys to stop acting like fascists just because you dont like Trump. Cause you know what the majority of us dont like, despite our feelings about Trump? Fascsim.

  3. Odd republicans support Trump when most can’t list any accomplishments that helped the USA. (Not to mention his criminal record.) They’re so desperate they’ll even lie and say easily disproved things like he achieved energy independence even though we never stopped importing oil, and they fight against green energy!
    Conversely they oppose Biden despite his many accomplishments like capping insulin prices, saving us trillions with the infrastructure bill, the chip act, the first economy to beat China since 1976 etc

  4. Let's see Biden climate change abortion electric cars tanks Ukraine and using every thing to stop trump over 8 years they persecuted trump how does all of his help Americans it dosnt communist play book only a dictator would allow this to happen

  5. Can't wait for debate. I
    Foresee the Dems gonna make sure biden is on amphetamine so he doesn't stray and be linked with a two way ear piece enabling biden to communicate
    His answers. Their in for surprise, president Trump is gonna eat this
    Bastard up . Fjb

  6. Americans will NOT elect a convicted criminal as POTUS.
    The 34x CONVICTED FELON is the republican candidate.
    Therefor, the republican will LOSE – AGAIN!
    Translation: F donald THE 34x CONVICTED FELON trump

  7. Who what to listen to that Convicted Felon,talking about his 2016 campaign speech, cursing, talking like a 3 yr old,the serial cheater has no agenda for mega cult base ,just revenge,most of the men that were in Trump cabinet are in prison,are headed to prison, good Pres who have serve two term comes again with his VP ,Trump the rapist can't ,just revenge.

  8. If 45 is not ahead by at least 45 % everyone in msm is a liar! When one opponent draws 100 people at a "rally", and the other one has a"Superbowl" event, with 80,000 in attendance. Vote like an adult!🇺🇸

  9. America and the world will change on November the 6th after Donald loses.
    International safe guards and laws will be instituted in America and Europe to make sure an immoral dictator never gets power over a free country and become a world threat.

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