Doug Burgum: Americans Have Already Acquitted Donald Trump


Republican North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum discusses the NY v. Trump case, the media touting him for Trump’s vice presidential pick and President Biden’s Israel stance on ‘MediaBuzz.’

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  1. I used to trust Howey….after watching this interview, I can see that Paul Ryan has cemented his Establishment presence at FOX. And I now know that Howey is just another tool of the machine.

  2. One thing most never mention, yes Trump was Impeached twice BUT he was never convicted in neither one, which is why he's still entitled to presidential benefits.

  3. Americans acquitted Trump? That would be the Americans who make money by selling the lie. Sadly for Trump, and for the minions, that is not most of America. Cash in while you can. Say whatever Trump adrenaline addicts want to click on in a monetized YouTube video. More clicks, more money. Life is good, for now.

  4. We are all shocked by Trumps frailty, he shuffles rather than walks, his left arm trembles and his color is plaid, his eyes bloodshot with large bags beneath them and he often dribbles

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