Double Standards: How Democrats Attack Judges Based on Politics, Not Merit


When do Democratic critics deem a judge’s impartiality and fairness exceptional, and when do they label them partisan, inexperienced, and hostile? When do their attacks on judges serve to uphold the Constitution, and when do they undermine the entire system of government?

In the case of Judge Aileen Cannon, presiding over the Trump administration’s classified documents trial, she was unfairly targeted by Democrats for doing her job. Her integrity was maligned, and she was cast as a “wacko,” a “prima donna,” and a “right-wing hack.” In contrast, when Republican Judge Juan Merchan handled a high-profile case involving Trump, his handling of the trial was applauded, with him being hailed as “brilliant” and “impeccably fair.”

Cannon was subjected to relentless criticism by Democrats, with some seeking to impeach her for making difficult decisions, including not dismissing the indictment entirely. They conveniently ignored that special counsel Jack Smith’s charges, under the Classified Information Procedures Act, necessitated unique security procedures and extensive litigation, slowing down the case. Instead of blaming Smith for the delay, they blamed Cannon, claiming she was dragging her feet.

Meanwhile, Judge Merchan was selected to hear the hush money trial due to his consistent track record of ruling against Trump. He was even praised for being “compassionate” and “impartial,” despite making questionable, precedent-setting decisions. It was later revealed that Merchan donated to President Joe Biden’s campaign and his daughter worked for the Democratic Party, yet he was still praised by major newspapers and cable networks.

The stark contrast in the way Cannon and Merchan were treated speaks volumes about the Democratic Party’s commitment to undermining the judiciary. A network of left-leaning groups has been coordinating with the party to attack the character of Supreme Court justices, particularly the originalist majority. Thankfully, the Supreme Court still enjoys high public approval, but the Democrat’s transparently hypocritical and opportunistic attacks on the judiciary must be acknowledged and resisted.

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