Rep. Byron Donalds Promises GOP Will Secure Southern Border if They Win in 2024


Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) promised on Sunday that the GOP would effectively address security along the southern border if they retake the White House this November.

Donalds made his remarks following a comment from President Joe Biden accusing Republicans in Congress of prioritizing “partisan politics” over national security. The Florida congressman argued that the border was secure under former President Donald Trump and blamed Biden for ending Trump’s border policies simply because they were associated with Trump.

“It was a very stupid decision by Joe Biden, the country has suffered as a result,” Donalds stated. “So now, what we’re going to do is go back to ending catch and release, go back to remain in Mexico, we are going to have to deport millions of people who should not be here, because our cities and states simply cannot handle the flow of all these illegal migrants.”

Donalds added that if Trump were to return to the presidency, a Republican-led Congress would also advance the Secure the Border Act, providing the president with “more authorities to secure the nation.”

Republicans and Democrats have debated the issue of border security intensely. Recently, the Biden administration endorsed a Senate initiative to pursue a bipartisan border security agreement, as Biden and Democrats aim to project a proactive stance on border security ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Some Republicans have criticized this apparent policy shift from the Biden administration. Pennsylvania Senate Republican candidate Dave McCormick argued that the bill falls short in securing the southern border and also misuses resources to speed up the asylum process. McCormick is challenging incumbent Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA).

Recent polling data indicates that 53% of younger voters trust Trump more than Biden on border security, and 52% trust Trump more on lowering prices. Both border security and the cost of living are anticipated to be key issues for voters in the 2024 election, which could potentially see a rematch between Trump and Biden.

Asher Notheis
Asher Notheis
Breaking News Reporter. A Liberty University graduate who has spent most of his life in Virginia, Asher started writing articles for his college newspaper before writing stories for The College Fix.

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