Donald Trump on Potential Imprisonment: ‘I Am Very Proud to Fight for Our Constitution’


Former President Trump addresses concerns he would seek retribution for ‘lawfare’ waged against him by Democrats and more in wide-ranging interview on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. If you aren't aware, they teach kids in like grade 1 through 4 that the constitution is outdated and holding the country back, and that the founding fathers were racist idiots, and the sooner we get rid of our rights, the faster we'll all live in a communist utopia.

  2. They did this case in Biden sit up for the debates because he already worked it out with the prosecutor he knew that Trump was going to go to jail so that way you wouldn't have to do the debate and it looked like he was ready for it that's all it was was a fake Biden couldn't do a debate with his life depended on it that's why they'll put Trump in jail so Biden doesn't have to do the debate that's the whole scam

  3. FOX, please ask former President Trump to explain how he justifies scheduling his 1/6 rally and initiating the march on our capital —- the date that our Constitution specifies for the certification of the election.

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