Donald Trump at Bronx Rally: “Biden Prioritizes Illegal Immigrants; I Prioritize Americans”


Former President Trump says ‘every state is now a border state’ under President Biden at his Bronx, N.Y., event.

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  1. Even the good folks coming who legitimately need asylum know that the other bad actors following them over the border are no good…these are the people they are running from. Vote Trump amigo!

  2. unfortunately, something really bad is coming for this country. It will happen before the election. There will not be an election, Biden will implement martial law

  3. Trump is right all these illegal aliens from different countries are from prisons jails convicts they're coming in our country to start an army within our country so they'll take over within the United StatesThey're already here

  4. biden loves ILLEGAL ALIENS. He wants them to vote for him. The dems are trying to make it legal for them to vote!!!!! FJB!!!! I don't like that phrase, but what better way to put it?? Trump is for AMERICANS!!! biden wants an open border, and does not care about our safety. You do the math…

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