Donald Trump Advocates for Death Penalty for Drug Dealers


Former President Trump discusses the Hunter Biden gun trial and responding to the drug crisis on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. Less government used to be the Republican mantra, but now that Donald Trump is poised to replace America's constitutional democracy with an autocratic theocracy, we can all see the prospect of a police state.

  2. I agree with alot of things he says but we have to stop giving all the responsibility to the dealers. At the end of the day everyone can make choices for themselves so maybe we stop saying that addicts have no control or resposibility for what they do. Addiction is sad but its honestly sadder for the people who arent doing drugs that get dragged down and destroyed by a junkie. Try and help one and youll probably change your mind.

  3. Did you hear that Trump announced in one of his latest video posts that Putin would release the imprisoned journalist Evan Gershkovich for him? Putin would only release the journalist almost immediately after Trump would become President. "President Putin will do this for me and I believe he will do it for nobody else.", Trump said. If this ist true, and meanwhile we know that Putin plays Trump like a fiddle, so it could as well be false, this is one of the worst blackmail attempts against the american voters, that I have seen in a long time.

  4. I like Trump but he’s a terrible person to interview . He needs to learn how to answer questions more direct and concise . Leave all the extra out it’s frustrating listening to him talk sometimes

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