Dog Dies in Hot Car in Ohio; Animal Cruelty Charges Expected


SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – A 50-year-old Sandusky man is jailed on a felony cruelty to animals charge after his dog succumbed to heat exhaustion in a parked car.

Richard Goings was taken into custody Sunday morning when authorities responded to an animal complaint at a residence on Forest Drive.

Upon arrival, officers found Goings in tears beside a vehicle with his deceased dog lying nearby, according to a Sandusky police report.

“It appeared the dog may have passed away due to heat exhaustion,” the report stated.

“Richard did not know how to dispose of the animal properly, and he asked me for assistance.”

Goings explained he had left the vehicle locked and running with the intent of keeping the dog cool while he went inside a home for about 30 minutes.

“Richard approached his vehicle and found that the Dodge was no longer running as the engine died,” the report noted. “Richard stated he had left a window open for the dog in case the vehicle stopped running, but found the windows rolled up.”

He believes the dog may have accidentally stepped on the window control, causing the windows to close.

Officers noted that it was 86 degrees outside, with internal vehicle temperatures potentially reaching up to 105 degrees.

Goings emphasized that the incident was unintentional and a tragic mistake.

He is scheduled to appear in court soon to address the charge.

Talia Naquin
Talia Naquin
Digital Reporter. Talia's journalism career started more than 20 years ago, when she fell in love with the idea of documenting history as it happened. She worked her way up from an entry-level position while going to college full-time, studying during commercial breaks while rolling a teleprompter, running cameras, and editing video. When she’s not working, she’s probably working in the garden with her dog.

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