‘DETACHED’ DEMS: That’s why the ‘country’s a disaster’


Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss increasing Democratic calls for President Biden to step down.

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  1. They need to keep Sleepy Joe in the race until November's finish line🏁
    ….. so we can witness an Electoral LANDSLIDE 😂 & collect the next flood of Liberal tears 😢

  2. I am more concerned with Hunter being present in the daily White House business AND making decisions. He has no business being involved- and don’t say he is caring for his father because that further supports the case to remove Biden.

  3. The Democrats only care about their power and staying in power so they can continue to enrich themselves at our expense and not representing We The People's best interest. They don't care one bit about We The People. Trump does and why he is obviously running away with the election. The only way the Democrats win whether it's Biden or someone else is if they cheat across the board from the dog catcher to the White House. A large number of the so called Republicans are guilty of the very same things. We are a Constitutional Republic and a government of the people, by the people and for the people and We The People have had enough of the so called elites trying to run a monarchy.

  4. A mess of a country.JB took too many bad advice from the unsavories ( hunter,aoc,pelosi,newscum,kamalifah,xi jinping,faniwade,maxi waters,al sharptown,hillary,obama,michelle,bill clintown,cnn,the views etc..etc..etc ).JB is an appeaser!!🤨

  5. What’s amusing (at best) is that Democrats calling for Joe to step aside think Kamala is going to do better in November.
    Sooo many Democrats are just going to stay home on Election Day

  6. All parties has incumbents politicians that has totally lost touch what groceries, Fuel , increase in taxes is only a small example of what they don’t understand while they are in a self power trip higher than a kite on self induced importance they think they are.

  7. After seeing that interview, not only am I worried about Biden's cognitive ability, but I am now more concerned than ever that Joe Biden is a megalomaniac who absolutely will not leave office.

  8. Fresh from the Land of Confusion, living on the continent of Denial, Joe "I want to be Supreme Commander for life" Biden. Captain Corn Pop, himself looking to continue his journey of ruination of the nation.


    Worst POTUS in history.

  9. What happens when you tell a 2-year-old or senile person to do something good for them like eat your vegetables, stop driving? They double down. We don't want Biden to agree to stop‼️

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