Dennis Quaid Says Legal Battles Made Him Support Trump


Actor Dennis Quaid revealed to Piers Morgan on Tuesday that the “weaponization of the justice system” has influenced his decision to support former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

“I think I’m gonna vote for him in the next election,” Quaid shared with Morgan during an episode of “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

“It just makes sense. I was ready not to vote for Trump, until what I saw is, more than politics, I see a weaponization of our justice system and a challenge to our Constitution,” Quaid stated. “Trump is the most investigated person, probably in the history of the world, and they haven’t been able to really get him on anything.”

Quaid proceeded to commend Trump for his foreign policy, claiming the former president “stood up for us overseas.”

“The way he responded to China,” the actor elaborated, “he stands up to people, and that’s what makes him a leader. Rather than, what I kind of compare it to, what was going on in Jimmy Carter’s administration, where we’re trying to be everybody’s friend and pal.”

“People might call [Trump] an a–shole, but he’s my a–hole,” Quaid continued.

Quaid’s interview coincided with the closing arguments made in the Manhattan trial against the former president. The primary accusation seems to be that Michael Cohen, the star witness, embezzled money from the Trump Organization.

But the trial is a result of a justice system that has been weaponized, as Quaid pointed out.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who ran a campaign focused on prosecuting Trump, accused the former president of misclassifying payments allegedly made to Cohen to silence pornographer Stormy Daniels as legal fees rather than campaign expenses.

However, the trial has perhaps succeeded in its primary objective—hindering Trump’s capability to campaign effectively. The former president has been significantly restricted from campaigning, being required to appear in court for four days each week in a case where experts from both sides have expressed skepticism.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats have demonstrated that their campaign strategy relies on the weaponization of the justice system, as evidenced by Biden’s campaign fundraising efforts and publicity stunts outside the courthouse.

Trump is also contending with other legal cases brought against him by local and state officials, as well as Biden’s Department of Justice. In his most recent case, Trump was ordered to pay a $454 million penalty — which he is appealing — for a “crime” in which there were neither victims nor financial harm.

Brianna Lyman is an elections correspondent.

Brianna Lyman
Brianna Lyman
Elections correspondent. Weekly guest on Newsmax. Also seen on Fox Nation.

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