Dems Begin Next Phase in Effort Against Democracy


One trial is over, three more remain. Prepare for the next five months where anything could happen to prevent voters from electing Donald Trump back to the White House in what was once a “free and fair election.”

Up to and including threatening the candidate leading in the polls for November.

For the first time in American history, a former president running for reelection was convicted of a crime via what prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s local newspaper admitted is a “novel and untested” use of an obscure state law. This operation, like the other charges, was carried out by Democrats and the media, who have been clear about their goals. They fabricated crimes, raided his home, arrested him, took his mugshot, and finally secured judges and jurors likely to produce the desired outcomes.

All this against a surreal backdrop: President Biden and his party have labeled Trump a “threat to democracy” while trying to remove his name from the ballot, censoring information, and funneling billions of taxpayer dollars into a corrupt Eastern European country that has canceled its elections.

How far will they go? What can’t they justify? There seem to be no limits. Their ability to heighten political tensions is boundless.

Following the convictions on Thursday afternoon, Trump’s campaign website crashed repeatedly as servers were overwhelmed by visitors looking to donate to his campaign. The Trump team reported a record $35 million in small-dollar contributions.

In short, Trump’s campaign is still alive. And so is he. Their mission is not complete. What’s next? There will undoubtedly be a “next.” Another pandemic? Race riots? They’ve done these before. With media and Washington’s permanent bureaucracy on their side, all they need is the go-ahead.

Who will stop them? They’re in control and plan to stay that way. Trump now awaits sentencing, set for over a month from now before a Democrat judge who threatened to imprison him during the trial. It’s reasonable to expect he will follow through. These people aren’t bluffing.

This is just the start. It will get much uglier, and there’s plenty of time between now and November.

Eddie Scarry
Eddie Scarry
Eddie Scarry is a nationally recognized reporter. His work has appeared on Fox News, the Drudge Report, and the New York Post. He lives in Washington, D.C.

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