Democrats Question Biden’s Fitness for Office After Debate Flubs


President Joe Biden’s first 2024 debate against former President Donald Trump was marred by his poor performance, which left many questioning whether he’s still the right candidate for the Democrats.

Biden stumbled from the start, struggling with a hoarse voice and halting answers. At one point, he even mangled a key phrase, saying “Look, if … we finally beat Medicare.” While he recovered somewhat later in the debate, many were left underwhelmed by his performance.

Despite Trump’s lackluster performance, he received a higher grade from some observers, with one calling his effort an “A-.” Trump mostly let Biden self-implode, allowing him to make mistakes that would otherwise have been used against him.

The debate sparked intense debate among Democrats, with some calling for Biden to be replaced. “Biden got an F,” said Alex Conant, a founding partner of Firehouse Strategies. “He failed to clear the basic bar. Democrats are seriously going to consider replacing him.”

Conant’s harsh assessment was echoed by Scott Jennings, a longtime adviser to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Jennings called Biden’s performance “beyond grading” and said he was shocked by the president’s struggles.

Some Democrats attempted to spin Biden’s poor performance, claiming he had a cold that affected his voice and speech. However, many remained unconvinced, with some predicting that Biden’s campaign is now doomed.

“Joe Biden’s senior advisors and his family have a lot of explaining to do to their party and this nation,” said Jennings. “I don’t think he comes back from this.”

Democratic strategist Sasha Tirador gave both candidates an “F” for failing to change any minds in the debate. However, she rejected the notion that Biden should be replaced, saying that it’s “inside baseball” and won’t amount to anything.

Despite the chaos surrounding Biden’s performance, many Democrats remained committed to their candidate. “I think there will be much talk about replacing him, and I don’t think it will amount to anything,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “Some Democrats will have concerns about the president’s performance. But the only thing that’s going to change the fact of Joe Biden being the Democratic nominee is if Joe Biden decides not to be the nominee.”

Haisten Willis
Haisten Willis
White House Reporter. Before moving to D.C., Haisten was an Atlanta-based freelance journalist, writing for the Washington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and U.S. News & World Report, among other outlets. From 2020 to 2022, he was the national Freedom of Information Committee chairman at the Society of Professional Journalists.

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