Democrats in Disarray as Fears About Biden’s Fitness for Office Grow


As the presidential elections approach, tension is palpable among top officials within the Democratic Party. Their chosen nominee, President Joe Biden, has fallen under scrutiny due to concerns over his abilities and fitness for the role. Many believe he is severely compromised, yet few are willing to speak out publicly, preferring instead to keep their thoughts hidden behind closed doors.

Despite outward appearances suggesting similarities between the current situation and the one faced by Republicans in 2016 with then-President Donald Trump, a closer examination reveals fundamental differences. While both situations involve party elites expressing discontent with their nominated candidate, the motivations and circumstances driving these feelings are distinct.

In Trump’s case, Republicans viewed him as an unconventional and boorish figure, yet he proudly displayed these traits to primary voters, who appreciated his ability to ruffle the feathers of established politicians. Biden’s situation is a stark contrast, where efforts were made to downplay and conceal concerns about his age, cognition, and health. When these concerns were ignored, or worse, actively suppressed by party loyalists and a sympathetic media, it led to growing unease among party insiders.

As the first presidential debate revealed the magnitude of Biden’s difficulties, the truth is finally out, and voters are starting to take notice. Unlike Trump, who remained steadfastly himself throughout the election, Biden’s viability is now tied to his ability to reverse course and exhibit a sudden and uncharacteristic improvement in his performance. But, just as Trump remained fundamentally unchanged throughout his presidency, it remains uncertain whether Biden will suddenly change his stripes.

Conn Carroll
Conn Carroll
Commentary Editor. Conn served as a communications director in the U.S. Senate for seven years before returning to journalism. He is a graduate of the Antonin Scalia Law School and lives in northern Virginia with his wife and three children.

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