Democrats and Media Adopt New Label for Trump: ‘Convicted Felon’


‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists call out Democrats’ hypocrisy in celebrating the Trump verdict.

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  1. The Dems are just unofficial felons: Criminals of the highest order. It’s not really much of a brag when you’re really just saying you’ve done all that plus more and get away with it. Just makes American’s angry at them.
    And let’s remember… Biden would be right where Trump is if he wasn’t declared “mentally incompetent” to stand trial. I would say that’s more of that left-wing privilege but.. it’s obvious he’s incompetent just looking at him. Which brings the Q… you want someone to incompetent to stand a trial leading the most powerful job in the world? OR… someone who has already proven effective and more than capable ? This is an authoritarian regime going above and beyond to put their rival out. Why?? Cuz they know he’s gonna win if it’s fair. That says a lot.

    We need to go after them and show them it won’t be tolerated otherwise we will go right back and make a mockery of our justice system and republic. Get the Supreme Court justices on them

  2. Biden ,hunter biden ,frank biden collected 241 billion dollars for the top secret classified military documents they sold to the Communist Chinese military and government that had all the info about our planes ,subs and ships along with our nuclear secrets and Obama signed for the release and John Kerry and Hilary Clinton are directly tied right to it! FACT

  3. Kindly note that tRumps mentor when he started scheming to become a big crook was a Mob lawyer named Roy Cohn.
    Please take your time, read the Politico article from 2019-9-19, understand the then and acknowledge the present. tRump has never changed and will never stop acting like a Mob Boss.

  4. The only man who stopped wars, and put more money in the average household all across America according to senses statistics. Alvin Bragg declared he sued Trump over 100 times. Some call that persecution, not prosecution.

  5. Donald trump is the best president for the USA 🇺🇸 and the world
    Americans please vote in favour of Donald trump
    Donald trump is the only solution for the USA 🇺🇸

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