Democratic Representative Says ‘Only Congress’ Can Reform the Asylum System


Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y., joins ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss the migrant crisis and President Biden’s executive actions.

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  1. Biden INTENTIONALLY BROKE the asylum system and our Borders his first day in office. Torres can't sit there and say it's now up to Congress to fix it, when all Biden has to do is reverse the Executive Order he cancelled. TRUMP 2024!!!

  2. Too bad the Dems don’t give a rip about the American people to put them above their ideology and politics. You all should be removed from Congress as well as impeach Biden for putting the US in danger.

  3. Both Democrats and Republicans in the legislative are guilty and complicit in the open border initiated by Biden doing nothing to prevent the invasion of human trafficking and drugs that ensued. America will suffer the side effects of the Democrat action and Republican inaction the damage IS ALREADY DONE to poor American citizens who are now waking up when they hear there is no money to assist them but plenty of money for illegal immigrants.

  4. Vote Brown 🤎baby for President Biden who shat his pants at the D-Day ceremony.
    He is now leader of the newly named Demoshatic Party Vote Brown 🤎🤎🤎

  5. You and the democrats are liars. That was not a border security bill. That just loud amnesty and more money. To process illegal aliens, Trump had it figured out if Biden wanted to shut up, kept quiet and did nothing. He would probably be re-elected. He's a dumb a** for not just shut in his freaking mouth and being the President. Cause he'd still win, but no. He had to change every single one of Trump's policies. And now all of you look like a holes.

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