Democratic Pollster Criticizes Biden’s ‘Tone Deaf’ White House


Democratic strategist Doug Schoen discusses his party’s divide over President Biden’s handling of the war in Israel and argues the election will ultimately be decided by the economy.

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  1. Normal Patriotic Americans have already prevented America from becoming a Fascist Autocracy ruled by Trump his grifter family and his Republican enablers in Congress once and will do it again in 2024

  2. Black people work with are you yelling out now about Joe Biden once upon a time I was a die-hard Democrat too. Coming from two big families that were die hard Democrats. But one thing I can say about my family I did not like Joe Biden and when he would come on their TV sets they would completely lose it. Yelling out he's nothing but a liar a con man. He's only good for Joe Biden for Joe Biden. If this guy gets any more power it's going to be hell to pay to the American people in our country 2. I just wish they were alive today my family members and they seen this today that they seem in the future of Joe Biden back in the seventies

  3. America !!! I’m from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 , please cousins! Are you crazy electing Biden in again the man is completely incapable he’s to old it’s like a comedy show it’s an embarrassment to your country .. how many times is he gonna fall over , fall asleep , forget what he’s talking about , wonder of stage , before you realise he clearly is incapable of running a country he’s a puppet for the people behind him… for god sake he has to go

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