Democratic Party’s Failure to Hold Leaders Accountable Could Cost Them the Election


The Democratic Party is facing a crisis of leadership, with its unpopular president’s mental fitness for office being called into question. The process for selecting a new candidate to replace him has already concluded, with most delegates hand-picked by the Biden-Harris campaign. This raises concerns about the integrity of the nominating convention, as the delegates are not neutral Democratic primary voters.

The situation is dire, not only for the Democratic Party but also for the country. For months, conservatives have been warning about Biden’s declining mental acuity, and now it appears that his staff has been controlling his decisions. Many Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris, have known about Biden’s limitations but have chosen to ignore them.

The revelation has sparked alarm among some Democrats, with many calling for Biden to step aside. However, others are downplaying the issue, arguing that having a supportive team around him is sufficient. This lack of accountability is particularly concerning given the Democratic Party’s expansive view of the Executive Branch’s powers.

The party’s willingness to cede decision-making authority to unelected staff is exemplified by Biden’s actions. Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity, Biden has continued to unilaterally implement policies, including his college debt amnesty plan and illegal immigration programs. He has also abused his authority to regulate the auto industry and persecute pro-life activists.

If the Democratic Party loses to former President Donald Trump in November, it will be due in part to its failure to hold its leaders accountable and its continued efforts to undermine the democratic process.

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