Democratic Leaders Tussle with Media Over President Biden’s Health and Performance


Democratic leaders faced intense media scrutiny on Wednesday, with several lawmakers struggling to respond to questions about President Joe Biden’s health and performance. The pressure has been building since Biden’s underwhelming debate performance in June, which sparked widespread concern among party members.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the first to face the media’s heat, with ABC News’ Rachel Scott grilling her on Biden’s fitness for office. The exchange did not go well for Pelosi, who has been a vocal defender of the president.

Another Democrat, Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan, had a meltdown on CNN, likening the pressure to answer questions about Biden’s health to domestic abuse. When asked if she believed Biden was the strongest candidate at the top of the ticket, Dingell became defensive and emotional.

Despite their efforts to shift the focus to Biden’s policy record, Democrats are unable to ignore the elephant in the room: the president’s age. At 82, Biden is the oldest president in U.S. history, and his declining cognitive abilities have become a major concern for party leaders.

As one Democratic strategist noted, “If he slips up again, and he will at his age, it could be an election-killer.” The party is stuck in a difficult position, with no clear solution to the problem. If Biden’s health continues to be an issue, it could spell disaster for the party in the 2024 election.

Matt Vespa
Matt Vespa
Senior Editor. Previously, Matt worked for and was the recipient of Americans for Prosperity Foundation's 2013 Andrew Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Activism and Investigative Reporting.

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