Democrat Law Firm Sues to Allow Foreign Billionaires to Meddle in Ohio Elections


The Elias Law Group, founded by Marc Elias, a key player in the Trump-Russia hoax, is challenging Ohio’s election integrity law, which bans foreign nationals from spending money on state ballot measures. The law, signed by Governor Mike DeWine on June 2, aims to prevent foreign interference in Ohio elections.

Elias, who previously worked for a law firm representing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, was instrumental in spreading the Steele dossier, a report accusing former President Donald Trump of ties to Russia. Elias’ firm is now suing, along with Cooper Elliott, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, claiming that the law would harm public discourse.

The lawsuit argues that the law threatens to investigate, prosecute, and fine non-citizens for any election-related spending or contributions. Ohio’s law prohibits foreign nationals, including green card holders, foreign political parties, foreign governments, and foreign businesses from contributing funding for ballot issues or candidates.

Critics argue that Elias’ true concern is that the law prevents Democrats from doing what he falsely accused Trump of doing. The law simply bans foreign funders from interfering in Ohio elections to boost partisan turnout.

Caitlin Sutherland, director of Americans for Public Trust, pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats who claim to care about “foreign interference.” “For those following along at home, this means the attorney for a foreign billionaire is suing to make sure he can keep spending in Ohio,” Sutherland wrote. “I thought Dems said foreign interference is a problem?”

Elias’ firm has received significant funding from George Soros and has represented the left-wing dark-money behemoth Arabella Advisors. Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss, known as the “new Soros,” has given millions to Arabella groups and has interfered in Ohio elections, including funding groups that sent millions to help codify a supposed right to abortion in the state’s constitution. The ballot measure passed in November.

The Elias Law Group’s suit is not about fair treatment for foreigners residing in America, but rather a desperate power grab for the dark-money influencers that seek to co-opt American elections for their own ends.

Logan Washburn
Logan Washburn
Logan Washburn is an intern reporter covering Oregon and Washington. He is studying politics and journalism at Hillsdale College, where he writes for the school paper, The Collegian. His work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Federalist.

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