Dem donor says 'comatose' Biden would outdo VP Harris in swing states: Report


Democratic donor Dmitri Mehlhorn doubles down on support for President Biden as the Democratic Party’s ‘best bet’ after saying during a private phone call that he would fare much better than VP Kamala Harris.

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  1. Lawrence did a great job calling this guy out, he was being a phony and lying to himself. He knows what the real difference is between Trump & Biden. Lack of Mental ability & failed policies are Biden's indefensible issues, address that and explain 'Why' we are wrong if you believe we are. People are so sick of ridiculous, constant gaslighting, expecting everyone to be low IQ.

  2. Ummmm Dmitri….if not Biden it's Harris…where's all your "democracy" concerns circumventing the system to have things your way? You thought you were slick putting Biden up, now it's imploding. You have NO SAY! WE DO 👋 👋 bye

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