Treadmill Abuse Trial: Defense Argues Boy’s Death Caused by Infection


Attorneys representing Christopher Gregor, the New Jersey father accused of causing his 6-year-old son’s death by making him perform abusive treadmill workouts, argue that the boy died from an infection, not from injuries related to falling off the treadmill.

In his closing argument on Wednesday, Gregor’s defense attorney contended that the prosecution failed to provide any evidence that Corey Micciolo died from blunt-force trauma and lacerations to his heart and liver, as determined by the autopsy.

Closing arguments began Wednesday following Gregor’s decision not to testify on his own behalf. Gregor appeared in court on Tuesday to announce this decision, eliciting gasps from the audience in the courtroom.

On Wednesday, Gregor’s attorneys told the jury that the prosecution did not bring forward police witnesses, doctors, or other experts to substantiate the claim that the boy died in the manner described by medical officials.

The defense maintains that Corey Micciolo’s death was due to an infection rather than injuries caused by Gregor.

The prosecution is scheduled to present its closing arguments Wednesday afternoon before the case is handed over to the jury.

Gregor faces charges in connection with his son’s death in 2021, when surveillance footage showed him forcing his son to run at high speeds on a treadmill. The video captured Gregor repeatedly increasing the treadmill speed, causing his son to fall off six times.

Gregor claims he took Micciolo to the hospital after the boy woke up from a nap in a disoriented state. Micciolo ultimately had a seizure and died at the hospital. Gregor is currently on trial for child endangerment and first-degree murder.

Breanna Micciolo, the boy’s mother, stated that she had reported suspected abuse more than 100 times over 18 months, but no action was taken before the child’s death.

Rich McHugh
Rich McHugh
Investigative Correspondent.

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