Dave Rubin: The Double Standards That Favor Democrats


‘The Rubin Report’ host Dave Rubin explains how the DOJ was called out over Mar-a-Lago evidence on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. Fox, 🦊 the Biden Mafia, is beginning it's the dismantling. The Senate, in the Congress. Minus the Democrats. I've had enough. And Biden cannot save himself. Without a teleprompter, I don't know if he could even hold the conversation. It's just my opinion. I also have the opinion, that Obama has been too close to this Biden machine. Again this is just my opinion. The hearing, brought up only once. An Obama connection. I can't say for sure, again this is only my opinion. But I bet there's a lot more connections. To Obama. I even voted for him the first term. I wanted a black man to be president, of course he let me down. And again it is my opinion. His cap his hands in the political machine. And in doing so, possibly controlling the Democratic party. This is all hearsay from me. I have no factual evidence
    😮 Just a gut feeling, along with Obama seems to be connected, in a very loose way. This causes me suspicion. Yes ex-presidents do keep involved, I'm only guessing that he's too involved. Again this is just my opinion. What is up to Congress, and are Senate. To get to the bottom of this. Are eagerly trying to do just this thing. American people, let's support our government. Is trying to get back on its feet. One nation under God. The Democrats are not trying to do this, I'm just trying to hold on the power.

  2. Please God team up with Sen Kennedy as a mentor Ruebin. Your the closest thing we have to a progressive thinking Republicans. Let that sink in! Your exactly what young Republicans need right now! A 3 dimensionally thinking Republican. 0:08

  3. America, this is not funny at all. Did Democrats have been getting away with open border. Now that they've got all the heat. From Texas and other states. They decided to do their job. Teleprompter Biden busy. Unfortunately our president Biden, has been convinced. Buy exactly who, I'm guessing his family. And this is just my opinion. Obama. The Senate, I've had enough. After the walk out. Democrats don't even realize they're cutting their own throat. This is how delusional they have become. An attorney general, he's doing his best to protect his master Biden

  4. Funny, how convict 45 claims many criminals crossing our borders and don't understand what language they speak. Trump traveling abroad would be sending a criminal to another country and they would not be able to understand what language he speaks with his five word vocabulary 😂😂😂

  5. I hear you loud and clear though. I witnessed it firsthand. Went live with both attorney general, and the sham of the impeachment trial. They are the Democrats decided it was unconstitutional and not to show up. Or I should say walk out

  6. How do explain Chump getting away with stealing classified documents and lying about them, attacking a judge and jury every day without jail time, attempting an insurrection, extorting Raffensburger to find votes etc etc. ? Criminal conman!

  7. Clinton smashed phones, wiped servers, and deleted thousands of emails to hide evidence… no charges. Clinton violated campaign finance laws… gets a couple small fines compared to Trump's felonies. Biden steals & improperly stores classified documents… no charges. Biden's ghostwriter destroys evidence to hide Biden's crimes… no charges. Yeah, we're starting to see a pattern here 😂

  8. You make me feel like an old man smoking a corncob pipe filled with black tar tobacco, sitting on a wrap around porch, holding shot gun, with the stock planted on the porch boards, upright, screaming, “Constitutional Republic” into thin air; where a neighbor would perceive, an attempt by myself, to yell at a ghost. I’m real, you’re real, a constitutional republic is real, a democracy is fiction (and whom can we thank for that, amen). Our democracy? Really? Clown dictionary called, they want their clown constitutional descriptions back.. Murdoch. 🤡

  9. I think you are talking about Trump

    Most of the Chaos Caucus allegations against Democrats are fictions. The so called highly reliable witnesses Alexander Smirnoff and Robert Costello are examples of bs artists.

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