Dark Day: Reflections on the Guilty Verdict in Trump’s Trial


The trial of former President Donald Trump in Manhattan has concluded with a historic guilty verdict on all 34 counts, leading to a potential sentence of over 100 years for past business record violations.

While the term “kangaroo court” may have been amusing initially, this verdict marks a somber day for the nation. The trial has been marred by numerous injustices, evident from its inception. It is evident that Trump was uniquely targeted, as no other individual would have faced such charges or a prosecutor as determined to secure a conviction.

The proceedings were further tainted by partisan influences, from the election of a prosecutor funded by a foreign billionaire to the involvement of a judge with clear political ties. The manipulation of the jury and questionable rulings only add to the erosion of confidence in the justice system.

This verdict represents not justice, but rather election interference and a blatant misuse of the legal system for partisan gain. While one hopes for a fair appeals process, the damage inflicted on the democratic process is severe and enduring.

Trump’s assertion that the real verdict will come from the people in November holds weight. A Trump victory could serve to rectify the damage done by partisan manipulation of the legal system.

In hindsight, Democrats may come to regret their exploitation of legal mechanisms for political ends, as warned by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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