These people clearly don’t know American history: Dana Loesch


Radio host Dana Loesch discusses Justice Samuel Alito’s refusal to recuse himself from Supreme Court cases involving former President Trump and Jan. 6 because of flag controversies on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. American history? The people bitching and moaning about the Southern Border like Ellis Island was any different, are talking about who doesn't know American history. Why do you even have shoes Watters ? You're a staunch knee-pad guy.

  2. Alito says of his wife, "[S]he makes her own decisions, and I honor her right to do so …," while apparently disgustingly oblivious to his authoring Dobbs, ripping from women freedom to make health care decisions for their own bodies. Meanwhile, Watters and Loesch (I guess that's her name) talk about sexism, which neither would recognize if struck by it. Alito acknowledged association of the upside-down flag with the insurrectionist's efforts 1/6/21 so, before attempting to teach another, first learn what you're talking about.

  3. Fox foments civil war in America. This lying propaganda channel bashes America hourly. Fox brings violence to the most vunerable amoung us. Notice how quickly all the anchors are aging. Making a deal with satan has a price. FOX is traitorous trash

  4. USA history in a nutshell (1) Washington……..I cannot tell a LIE (2) Trump…………….I cannot tell the TRUTH He did not testify to save himself and Melania, because he cannot tell the tuth Back in early April, he told reporters that he would “absolutely” testify.

    Truth matters. In the end it is the bedrock of a free country. Lies have consequences. Chaos ensues. And sometimes heavy financial penalties…Cohen lied for Trump because he was knee deep in the cult of Trump How deep is Fox News in the cult?

    This is a historic day for the USA. The first ex president is in the hands of his peers.This is atotally new experience for Trump and the USA. Trump has never faced the consequences of his lies. He has bullied Fox News into being his mouthpiece much against the Murdochs.

  5. Not only do they have no knowledge of American history they have zero knowledge of world history. The average IQ has been statistically declining every single year since the mid-70's. Are education system clearly needs an enormous overhaul!

  6. Indians saw this coming a decade back. India has seen the brutality of radicals and wokes for decades now. But the West didn't want to learn. Now that the fire is under their own bums, they feel the heat now. Moral: Learn from the World.

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