Could Congress Hold AG Garland in Contempt Over Biden Transcript Withholding?


Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., joins ‘Fox News Live’ to discuss Republican efforts to hold AG Merrick Garland in contempt for refusing to release the full transcript from the interview between special counsel Robert Hur and President Biden.

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  1. And some still think Trump is the wanna be Dictator?? Seriously??..perhaps it's time for those folks to take the blindfolds off and stop living in denial—oh, and get a mandatory cognitive test too!

  2. What is the best way to assure the people who are not in their own mind the capabilities to realize that this counsel has been stealing from us and they are in fact impeding the rights of the people that is not legal or constitutional and the government is the only ones that is responsible for it to make it ten times more clear either you stand for something or fall for nothing but for the love of God make a god given choice to do something or lose everything you do the math and I am not playing any games this is the real deal time to be taking back what is ours

  3. The US military now needs to govern as corrupt politicians have captured the law enforcement agencies and Doj.
    If this action is not taken the the country will become dysfunctional.

  4. Treasonist Administration is all in contempt. Including D.C. Politicians. Talk is cheap,and these bozos swore an oath that means nothing. They don't care about America. If they did the Borders wouldn't be wide open. These individuals are guilty of sabbatoge and conspiring to do the American people harm.

    God bless our Fallen and our Gold Star Family's. 12b. FJB

  5. Its called POLICY. That applies to qualified people doing serving the american people. magadouchians are above the law and policy. Thats how dictatorships work. This is why you people get to lie everyday.

  6. The system is rigged to protect those individuals… nothing will happen as nothing happened to Hunter and Hillary, Obama, Romney, KJP, Harris, Biden of course, Mayorkas… you scratch my back I'll scratch yours mentality will never end I guess.

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