Coordinated Corruption: Bragg’s Trump Press Conference Sparks Outrage


Criminal defense attorney Jonna Spilbor reacts to Trump’s guilty conviction during ‘Fox & Friends First’ and breaks down his various other legal battles ahead of November.

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  1. As a citizen and patriot of the United States of America, im tired of everone complaining about everything going on, and just sit on their hind ends and dont do anything about it. We're in serious trouble, but continue to complain with no action. FJB

  2. We should not have to wait for the appeals. The corrupt DOJ under biden, garland and bragg made this happen. They are a bunch of democrat losers that hate America and they have to go. The Supreme Court must step in and exonerate Trump of these political charges.

  3. If all 12 jurors cannot agree, the result Would have been a hung jury. Half of the JURY members were chosen by Trump law TEA- 50% WERE Draft Dodging Donnie supporters.
    Jurors reached a verdict i

    Trump, meanwhile, thinks HE has the BEST
    What idiot lawyers chose Trump's jury?

    We see that THEY listened to ALL evidence AND didn't decide to help Trump no matter what but instead were virtuous

  4. He is not telling the American people he did his job he is telling President Biden that he did his job because he was hired by President Biden he need to do his job in New York City instead of trying to persecute Trump it's not going to work people for president Trump

  5. AG Garland is facing Contempt of Congress charges at the moment; it has progressed through the committee stage and is ready for a vote on the house floor. The Republicans must force this through and immediately seek his removal, Contempt is a summary offence like a speeding ticket and there is no defense and when the House passes the contempt charge it is then only a matter of holding him in custody until he releases the video of Biden's interview, this can be done by the Sergent of Arms of the Congress.

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