Israel’s UN Ambassador Calls for US to Defund UN Over Credibility Issues


During Friday’s edition of Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, criticized the U.N. as an adversary of “the values of America and the free world.” He asserted that the organization is often used to “whitewash” the crimes of dictators and rogue states, and argued that unless substantial reforms are made, the United States should consider defunding the U.N.

In response to the U.N.’s mourning for Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi, Erdan said, “The most important thing to understand is that the U.N. has lost all of its credibility. It is no longer an organization that genuinely defends human rights. I believe that unless it undergoes fundamental changes, the American administration should seriously consider defunding the U.N. Many of your viewers might not be aware that they are contributing nearly $20 billion each year, and rather than reinforcing your values—the values of America and the free world—you are weakening them. Today, the U.N. is manipulated by dictators and rogue states to whitewash their crimes. Iran was recently elected to chair the Human Rights Social Forum. You can’t make these things up.”

Ian Hanchett
Ian Hanchett
Hillsdale graduate.

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