The Trump campaign needs to ‘hammer this home’: Concha


Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in after Vice President Harris made her pitch to voters on late-night television and discusses a Wall Street Journal report on Biden’s cognitive decline.

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  1. she's an idiot, an idiot who rose through the ranks because of the colour of her skin as well as her "female" gender. obviously, her successes had little to do with merit, had most everything to do with affirmative action going way back

  2. Joe Biden removed top secret documents. When he was a senator kept them for over 15 years, who knows who saw them? Why is he not being prosecuted? Why is the news media covering that up?

  3. Trump is the biggest loser I have ever seen. All he does is lose. Can't even win against Democrats in his own country. How would he win against China & Russia!? LOL They would love him to be in power again. He's pathetic.

  4. You guys had been saying fixing the border , in last 40 years is the same stupid issue and honestly fox the border to do what, we the Mexicans needs to build the wall we are fed up of you mexico is no longer your back yard, I believe we just show it to your government

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