COMPLETE DEBACLE: Former Prosecutor Declares Evidence Against Trump as ‘Laughable’


Former federal prosecutor Jonathan Fahey analyzes Donald Trump’s criminal trial ahead of the prosecution’s closing arguments on ‘Fox News Live.’

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  1. seems this Jury though has major TDS. No matter what they charge him with, the Jury will side with left. This is a rigged trial. Trump was guilty before he even set foot. They could say Trump murdered someone, even if he didn't the Jury will say GUILTY

  2. Beginning in early 2021, Trump began spending funds from these two PACs on his myriad legal proceedings — including personal matters. The fact that MAGA PAC was no longer a campaign committee enabled him to take advantage of a loophole in campaign finance law.

  3. Do you know a what a malignant narcissist sociopath is? Trump is a narcissistic sociopath. You must understand what that means – Narcissist = only cares about himself. Sociopath = liar, cheater, cares for no one, does what he wants.

  4. Cohen is not credible lol, the FBI is trying to block people from working in NYC and work authorization. How is that credible enough to now take down Trump….Cohen's corruption disqualifies him.

  5. Republicans said Joe Biden committed crimes and they were going to impeach him. But he's not impeach. Republicans said they wasn't going to vote a budget until the border was fixed after turning down their own border bill because trump told them to But republicans past a budget.

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