Colorado’s Masterpiece Cakeshop V. Scardina Case May Decide Fate of First Amendment Rights


Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips has been fighting for justice for nearly 12 years, ever since being asked to create a custom cake celebrating the imaginary “gender transition” of a individual from male to female. His latest case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Scardina, was heard by the Colorado Supreme Court on June 18, 2024. At issue is whether the state of Colorado can force Phillips to create such a cake, which violates his beliefs as a Christian.

Phillips has taken a stand on multiple occasions, refusing to create custom cakes that convey messages he disagrees with. He does, however, serve all customers without exception, including those from the LGBT community. Phillips’ latest case dates back to 2017, when trans-identifying activist lawyer Autumn Scardina called his shop and requested the custom pink-and-blue cake.

Scardina has publicly attacked Phillips, labeling him a “bigot” and “hypocrite” despite Phillips serving all customers and having a history of declined requests for cakes celebrating Halloween or ones that denigrate people. Scardina has admitted to targeting Phillips as part of a crusade to “correct” his thinking.

After losing at both the trial level and the Colorado Court of Appeals, Phillips still refuses to give up his fight for the First Amendment. Several justices have already used female pronouns when referring to Scardina, a man who identified as transgender, and all were appointed by Democrat governors. If Phillips is denied justice again, he may have to appeal to the US Supreme Court for a second time.

Phillips’ legal counsel, Jake Warner, urged the court to reconsider the case, arguing that the freedom of artistic expression should protect both LGBT creators and those with opposing beliefs. Despite the long history of Phillips’ case, many are left wondering why Scardina selected Phillips’ shop, and exactly how he timed his call.

For now, supporters of Christian rights and free speech can offer their backing to Jack Phillips through his online store and shop in Lakewood, Colorado.

Zachary Mettler
Zachary Mettler
Staff Writer. Zachary writes about current political issues, U.S. history, political philosophy, and culture. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from William Jessup University and is an alumnus of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. His written pieces have appeared in The Daily Signal, Life News, The Colorado Independent, and The Millennial Review.

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