Cohen Confesses to Embezzling Thousands from Trump


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss how former President Trump’s previous ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen admitted to stealing thousands from him.

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  1. "Biden Is Not Winning. His Campaign Should Stop Acting Like It Is." -New York Times 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    "Biden's poll numbers are awful. America, brace for a Trump victory in November." -Yahoo News 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. If after watching Five Minute News, “Trumps Dinner with Oil Executives” you still support Donald Trump, then all hope is lost for millions of people suffering from the affects of climate change if Trump has a chance at a second term.

  3. Well fancy that Harold a Democrat sticking up for a Democrat judge who is a disgrace and should be sacked as well as disbarred. So will the DOJ charge Cohen with grand larceny seeing he confessed on the witness stand to theft, he also lied to congress on six occasions so should also be charged with perjury.

  4. Clarence Thomas recently denounced the "nastiness" of his critics.

    Well, let me remind you of another Thomas conflict of interest: Not recusing from Moore v. US.

    A ruling in this case will be given soon, and it could permanently shield his billionaire buddies from a wealth tax.

  5. Rent and home prices are skyrocketing.

    One big reason why? Wall Street buying up homes.

    Democrats introduced bills aiming to ban corporate ownership of single-family houses. Lobbying groups have already spent $500k trying to squash the bills.

  6. Today's the deadline some analysts see for when SCOTUS must rule on Trump's immunity claim to allow enough time for the Jan 6 trial to happen before the election.

    No matter how they rule, the openly MAGA justices have given Trump what he wants. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  7. Thanks to extra funding, the IRS is cracking down on wealthy tax cheats who have evaded paying what they owe.

    The agency is now expecting to collect $560 BILLION over the decade, largely from the rich and corporations.

    This is just one reason why IRS funding is a good thing.

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