CNN reporter warns this could be ‘deadly’ for Biden campaign


Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer examines President Biden’s re-election campaign as he struggles to retain support from key voting blocks.

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  1. I have never voted GOP in my entire life. What Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Obama and the Democrats have done to weaponize the DOJ against their political opponents, I will never vote Democrat again as long as I live – not even in the primaries.

  2. Joe will evenetually step down stating family concerns. Hunter's lying on a form to obtain a gun is scheduled to start next week. Hunter's IRS charge is tentatively scheduled for October.

  3. Culturally the DNC is obsolete with their condescending to Black Americans especially Black men who want more than enslaving govt handouts in Trump they see that entrepreneur spirit that was beneficial from '16 to '20 & it's been lawfare against him since he came down the escalator

  4. My daddy always said not to listen to pecker. Pecker makes bad decisions or at least decisions that are only good for pecker. Would be a horrible feeling knowing you may go to jail based on testimony of pecker.

  5. Look at all the scratches on his head.He must have fell again.Can't even walk or talk.And somebody would vote up for the president of the united states or you mentally insane

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