CNN Criticized for Major Error in Report on Israeli Hostage Rescue


Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why he is not surprised by the article, his take on CNN reporting Israeli hostages were ‘released’ instead of rescued and Biden’s latest gaffe.

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  1. I wish CNN would go away all of them are tarnished their garbage they're paying by the Democrats to lie they did it for years ago and they're going to try to let you interference again it's either going to come from China it's going to come from Russia it's going to come somewhere so please all its Republicans get together don't matter get to the voting Booth voter ID not doing ballots please

  2. Yes, He was president and was a great one AND he will be again. All those things CNN said is what THEY DID. CNN is also anti semetic and won't say good things about Israel.

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