Citizens' takedown of migrant rape suspect caught on camera


Daniel Ramos details how he helped capture a migrant rape suspect on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

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  1. I see that Trump has recently called Fox untrustworthy. Will Fox respond by kissing Trump's diaper-clad butt even more, or will they finally realise that he doesn't care about anyone except himself?

  2. Go figure another one of Biden's new voters committed a heinous crime after entering our country illegally is everyone tired of this s*** have we lost enough American citizens do the American people need to arm themselves and go down to the border before this s*** stops hey Biden do the one f**** job you're supposed to do secure the Border!!!

  3. To the honest immigrants, we can’t wait for you to become citizens the right way. ❤ Help your fellow neighbors and stand up for righteousness. Don’t let these evil immigrants stain the image of coming to America.

  4. There is only one answer to this…follow the immigration law!!!! Very simple. But we will be suffering for this administration policies of allowing people to break the for for generations from now

  5. Problem is not the border it's the Gov't saboteging, america been crime ridden. Media fake news trying to make it seem like because the border is open there is a uptick in crime when it's already messed up

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