Chris Murphy Accuses Trump and GOP of Creating Border Problems to Benefit Republicans


Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that former President Donald Trump wanted to maintain chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Partial transcript as follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN: You’re talking about the bill you helped author, and it was up for a vote, knowing it would fail — this was more about messaging. But, Senator Gary Peters, who aims to help Democrats defend the Senate majority, was on this program last week, and he said absolutely, the president should be addressing the border more. Why isn’t he?

MURPHY: I agree that Americans want to discuss border security. Currently, the president has a chance to promote a Democratic proposal, negotiated with Republicans, that would manage the border effectively. Meanwhile, a former President–

BRENNAN: Or he could’ve dedicated time in past months to gather support for it.

MURPHY: Or- and- President Trump preferred to keep the border in turmoil, believing it benefits him politically. This presents a stark contrast for Democrats: we support bipartisan border security, while Republicans prefer the border in disarray for political gain. The President and all Democrats running for office should highlight this.

BRENNAN: But, for Americans impatient for action, the ifs and buts don’t matter much. The president has considered executive action since February when the Homeland Security Secretary mentioned it. Should he attempt to act? Take executive measures?

MURPHY: The president’s ability to issue impactful executive orders on the border is quite limited. He can’t generate resources from nothing. If he tried to shut down parts of the border, courts would likely overturn it swiftly. The only real solution–

BRENNAN: The 212(f) authority is being considered here.

MURPHY: Yes, but I believe the only way to manage the southwest border effectively is through bipartisan legislation. We have such a bill; if Republicans supported it, it could pass and reach the president’s desk. The decision lies with Trump and Republicans: either they aim to solve the border issue, or they prefer the chaos for political advantage in the upcoming election.

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