Chris Hansen Opposes Chemical Castration for Predators, Suggests Therapy Instead


Chris Hansen, host of To Catch a Predator, opposes chemical castration for sexual predators, advocating for therapy instead.

Hansen spoke to TMZ about his concerns over a recent Louisiana bill allowing judges to sentence sex offenders to medical castration. He doubts the bill will withstand court scrutiny.

Despite having no legal training, Hansen suggests harsher prison sentences and psychotherapy as better alternatives.

“I receive messages on my podcast from predators who seek therapy for their attraction to children and refrain from acting on it,” he told TMZ. “They know it’s wrong, but therapy helps them manage their urges.”

Hansen also questioned the effectiveness of probation and sex offender registration in deterring future crimes but did not speculate further.

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Warner Todd Huston
Warner Todd Huston
Warner Todd Huston has been writing editorials and news since 2001 but started his writing career penning articles about U.S. history back in the early 1990s. Huston has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN and several local Chicago news programs to discuss the issues of the day. Additionally, he is a regular guest on radio programs from coast to coast. Warner works out of the Chicago area.

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