China’s Alarming Military Drills in Taiwan: Expert Warns of ‘Punishment’


Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus reacts to China conducting two days’ worth of military drills in the Taiwan Strait as โ€˜punishmentโ€™ over recent elections.

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  1. Most comments are censored. Must be a depressing experience for the channel's staff, in the off chance that their personal visions aligned with those of the bosses.

  2. I hope to God President Biden mind his business when it comes to this war because these people are not gonna play with us the last thing you want is China Russia and North Korea teaming up together what donโ€™t people understand a lot of countries hate us

  3. They're sure are a lot of people saying to just forget about Taiwan in the comments section… I remember seeing a story about China having over 20000 people working to influence opinions on the internet.

  4. Why donโ€™t the USA mind their own business?

    The USA is led by the RICH-Elite, and by the Rich-Eliteโ€™s very own Puppet Joe Biden.
    We know the Rich-Elite have bored massive holes in mountains all over the World, with everything you can think of even Cinemaโ€™s and squash courtsโ€™s, with enough food for 200 years.

    In Switzerland every plant seed you can think of on planet earth is stored in a massive vault in a mountain with thick doors made of steel, why a up and coming Nuclear-War.

    I believe the USA are pushing for conflict in every corner of the world, starting the War in Ukraine, to supplying Israel with weapons to commit Genocide, the USA I thought was the best country on earth until you look closer in.

    Taiwan is a Chinese island always has been and everyone knows this, stop listening to the Rich-Elite and letโ€™s have โ€˜PEACEโ€™ .everyone.

  5. Wars and rumors of war, CBDC, volcanoes and earthquakes increasing, Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ being a cup of trembling across the whole world, Israel rebirthed, the world abandoning Israel etcโ€ฆ all foretold in Gods word the Bible. Get right with Jesus people. The seven year Tribulation is about to start and you donโ€™t want to be left behind.

  6. Nothing is gonna happen. If you really know the Chinese…money comes first. War?!?!? Nnnaaahhhh. They spend more money on psychological warfare(80%) than on actual military preparation. Any kind of an attack on Taiwan would be committing economic suicide for China…

  7. Biden and his administration never walked back their support of Taiwan. Why even say that? Fox – the best creators of disinformation always seeking to divide and polarize us.

  8. She said China persecutes its own Christians.
    Bible says thats a blessing-.
    We will be hated on for His namesake-
    But those who endure to the end will indeed be counted as righteousness.
    Keep your faith!
    For what profit is it to you to gain the whole world just to lose your soul-..

  9. Today the fight for democracy is at home. The threat takes a form many of you donโ€™t recognize. Anyone hindering our faith in elections, reducing rights for women and minorities, or pushing religion as a litmus test, is harming this country. Donโ€™t let those wolves clothing themselves in the guise of freedom deceive you because they are the true internal threat.

  10. If China wants Taiwan, then they will take Taiwan. This idea that America can do anything to stop it is laughable. At the end of the day, our position about the situation should be one of indifference. We need to be self-sufficient in semiconductor and technology manufacturing. Additionally, the less military equipment that we can send over there for China to reverse engineer, the better off we will be in the long run.

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