China and Russia Vow to Forge Stronger Ties, Play Larger Role in Global Affairs


Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a meeting on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, their second encounter in two months, and hailed their countries’ “golden age” of diplomacy. The SCO, a Central Asian coalition focused on security and trade, is expected to induct Belarus as its first European member during the summit.

Putin and Xi praised the SCO as a “key pillar” in a reimagined “multipolar world order” where the United States plays no major role. Their comments focused on Russia and China’s trade ties, which they believe have strengthened their positions against the free world. Putin described their relationship as going through its “best period in history,” guided by principles of equality, mutual benefit, and respect for each other’s sovereignty.

“We do not create any blocs or alliances; we are simply acting in the interests of our people,” Putin said. “Russian-Chinese cooperation in global affairs serves as a main stabilizing factor on the international stage, and we continue to further enhance it.”

Putin referred to a “golden age” in “equality and mutual respect” for China and Russia, recalling his visit to China in May, which included a stop in the northern city of Harbin. Xi Jinping emphasized his personal relationship with Putin, calling him a “dear” and “old” friend.

Xi suggested that China and Russia should take the helm of global leadership, away from America. “Facing an international situation fraught with turbulence and changes, the two countries should keep upholding the original aspiration of lasting friendship,” Xi said. “And sticking to the determination of benefiting the people, enhance the unique value of Chinese-Russian relations, cultivate new drivers of cooperation, and make tireless efforts to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests and safeguard the basic norms governing international relations.”

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper celebrated the meeting as a demonstration of how China and Russia have learned to cooperate to “eliminate Western pressure and resistance.” Experts said the high frequency of meetings signifies Russia’s determination to “turn to the East” under pressure from the West.

Russian officials confirmed that approving the development of a new gas pipeline, known as “Power of Siberia-2,” was high on the list of issues Xi and Putin are seeking to move forward with. The pipeline was one of the agreements signed during Putin’s visit to China in May.

Frances Martel
Frances Martel
Author and editor specializing in international current events.

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