Campaign in Crisis: Ron Johnson Doubts Biden’s Ability to Survive Without Media Support


Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson claimed that President Joe Biden’s campaign is “toast” after losing mainstream media support following his debate performance. Johnson made the comment during a Fox News interview on Friday, stating that any Democrat faces a significant problem when they lose the media’s backing.

According to Johnson, the media’s coverage is crucial for Democrats, as it allows them to survive despite implementing disastrous policies. He argued that Biden’s loss of media support has left him in a precarious position. “It’s pretty difficult because Democrats can lie, they can enact policies that are disastrous to this country, but as long the media is on their side covering up for them, they can survive. The minute they lose the media, they really are toast,” Johnson said.

The aftermath of Biden’s debate performance saw Democrats, donors, voters, and members of the media expressing concern about his ability to serve another term as president. While some Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator John Fetterman, have continued to support Biden, others have called for him to step aside and withdraw from the race.

Johnson also pointed out that Biden has the nomination and votes, making it difficult for him to be replaced if he chooses to stay in the race. Meanwhile, Biden has remained adamant about his decision to continue running, telling a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, that he is “running” and “going to win.”

Elizabeth Weibel
Elizabeth Weibel
Maryland raised. Virginia based.

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